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Welcome to IBECC 2023

Join us in Cairns, Queensland, Australia for the inaugural International Business, Environment & Climate Conference (IBECC) from 24 - 26 May 2023 at the Cairns Convention Centre. Attending IBECC, you will learn from global leaders and presenters as they provide an in-depth analysis into the future of ESG reporting, Scope 3, aligning business outcomes with net-zero commitments, how to drive sustainable business growth, and more! 


Maintaining the focus on Sustainability and Energy Transition in uncertain times


Sustainability is one of the most important issues facing investors and businesses today and assessing the risks and opportunities of a changing climate is now an imperative. IBECC will address the issue of maintaining a focus on the deployment of sustainable business practices and transition to net-zero energy during times of geopolitical and economic uncertainty.

A unique program in a unique destination

IBECC will be held in Cairns, the only location in the world where two UNESCO World Heritage sites exist side by side – the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. The Cairns region is home to the largest number of eco-certified operators in Australia and the IBECC program will take delegates to businesses that have adopted environmental regeneration and sustainability into their everyday operations.


Professional Development Opportunity


The IBECC program features globally renowned speakers in discussion sessions hosted by one of Australia’s leading journalists, Stan Grant. Attendance certificates will be provided to all delegates post event and members of various professional organisations may apply for professional development points for participating in IBECC.  For example, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) may self-log their attendance at IBECC as a third-party professional development activity under the DPD program.


Attend in-person or virtually


Whilst in-person attendance in Cairns is distinctly recommended, intending delegates unable to travel may register as a virtual delegate.

IBECC is an initiative led by the North Queensland Airports group, operators of Cairns and Mackay Airports.

Why should you attend IBECC?

Who should attend
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I am an

  • Hear from and contribute to discussions on investing in ESG and sustainable projects

  • Aligning investor goals with higher-purpose projects

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I am a
Financier/ CFO

  • Financing sustainable growth

  • Identifying and selecting sustainable investment opportunities

  • ESG investing and long-term performance

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I am a
Company Director/ CEO

  • Director’s role in establishing and achieving commitments and corporate sustainability responsibilities

  • Leadership and challenges promoting sustainable practices

  • Deep-dive into the ESG planning, reporting and measuring and what is required from you as a director

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I am a
Governance/ Legal representative

  • Latest developments in ESG, corporate reporting, impact measurement, and legal compliance

  • Aligning business outcomes with net zero commitments

  • Measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of investments 

IBECC MC: Stan Grant

Grant Stan 1 2020_edited.jpg

ABC Indigenous Affairs Editor, TV Presenter & Journalist


Stan Grant is the Indigenous Affairs Editor for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a multi-award winning current affairs host, an author and an adventurer.​

Read more about the IBECC MC

In the spirit of reconciliation, IBECC are committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, water and seas and their rich contribution to society.


The lands on which we hold our Cairns event on has significant cultural heritage value to the Yirrganydji and Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people. It is important that these values are acknowledged, and that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage is recognised and preserved.


We acknowledge those of the past, the ancestors whose strength has nurtured this land and its people, and First Nations people of the present for their leadership and ongoing effort to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their cultures. 


IBECC recognises it is our collective efforts, and responsibility as individuals and communities to ensure equality and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across all aspects of society and everyday life.

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